Look Again

Art, bravery, confidence, contentment, courage, curiousity, memoir, painting, Peace, Redemption, rest, Salvation, surrender, Trust, Vulnerability, waiting

I saw the something where the other had been proposed.

Painting over.

Left alone, a tiny bit tired over the way it hadn’t developed the as my heart hoped, strived for, imagined.

Look for good.

Look for God.

The tiny bit of light, the sunlight landing on one square of a blank canvas, painted dark and waiting for something.

The spot became water, I changed my idea of what a now finished piece would be. I left it, came back and saw it differently.

The piece did not turn out the way it began.

We don’t know what God has in mind for what has begun in us, what situation has come, has caused us to “come undone”.

We can’t predict the outcome. We can only be faithful to work in progress or thought not finished.

Faithful in our trust, faithful in our decision to continue surrendering

Our lives like blank canvas to his hand a broad stroke of brush or detailed pencil points added.

Pick back up.

Begin again.

Art imitating life, pieces coming together.

Look for God today. Look for good that is likely hard to see. Look for good in everything.

Look for God. Pray.

Trust. Wait.

Continue and believe.

One thought on “Look Again

  1. Lovely, poetic words, Lisa Anne, that describe what many of us experience: pieces that don’t turn out the way they began. It happens sometimes during the process of writing as my thoughts send me down a different path from where I started. When that happens, I do want to believe that God guided my words in the direction He wanted me to go. Also appreciated your reminder to look for God, look for good, every day. To that end I’ve kept a journal since March of 2017 in an effort to do just that. It is a FUN and uplifting habit! (Wish I’d started sooner!)


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