Here Again

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For a day, almost two, this site sort of went away.

Went back to an old image, an old place.

I thought I’d downgrade.

Not having a whole lot of “Lisa money”.

Regret came real quick when I saw the ads about toes and fungus.

‘Bout the same time my cover image with my very own coral painted toes in the green clover changed to a long ago cover, grayish colored journal.

Did it matter I wondered and decided it did. Writing here since 2013. How degrading a steward of my words I’d be if I didn’t give them a happy place to be.

So, lesson learned.

Don’t panic.


Begin again.

Keep making your reader curious.

Keep writing in a way that doesn’t put your words in the last chance clearance aisle.

Because, if you’ll allow yourself to believe it.

You’re not there either.

You’re making your way to the front of the store display.

Celebrate with me, if you will the places God keeps placing me:

An article in Fathom Magazine and a featured artist in a real live gallery!

God keeps giving me reasons to continue.

Continue and believe.

2 thoughts on “Here Again

  1. Lisa Anne, I’m grateful you are being given reasons to continue encouraging others with your creativity, art and words, and I applaud your desire for a happy site in which to write. Well done on your recent successes! May there be many more of them to come. Blessings, love and hugs. xo 💜

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