The Clearing

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Where are you going? Who are you becoming?

What scared you that is not so scary anymore?

Are you on the cusp of you, giving God the corner piece you held in your palm in your lap at the table, leaving your puzzle unfinished.

Were you afraid to give up the missing piece of your story because it’s been incomplete for so very long?

Being complete will be different, do you worry you won’t fit?

The unafraid puzzle of you?

Someone has trimmed the branches, removed the excess growth from the shrubbery.

The walking trail has clean borders, limbs and weeds are stacked in a corner on the curve pile.

I walk and hear the rustling, turn to see the bird.

Not like before, I’m not startled by the rustling, unable to know what was stirring in the brush.

I’d pick up my pace, oddly thinking I was being pursued and I walked as fast as I could from the source of the noise.

But, yesterday the clearing caused my turning, a small rabbit, baby bunny waiting to be seen and a trio of crows happy to have discovered a nest.

The squirrel in the undergrowth scurried up a tree, a cobalt blue butterfly fluttered past my cheek.

The elusive blue bird again made certain it had been seen.

I walked on towards the wide space grateful for the clearing.

In the evening I drove home later than I’d planned and the traffic was easy, the big trucks staying in their lanes.

I considered the wide sky, the 3/4 moon fuzzy from clouds to my left and drove straight into the place that kept me coming.

Beckoning me forward, causing me to want to call my daughter or anyone.

Have you seen this sky?

Knowing every person on earth should see it, the way God welcomes our notice.

The way He takes fear from our paths, the way He widens our walkways and calls us to see.

To see ourselves bravely and more clearly once we step into His clearing.

And continue.

Continue and believe.

“This I declare about the Lord: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my God, and I trust him.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭91:2‬ ‭NLT‬‬

linking up with other writers who are writing about goals.

My goal?

Faithfulness to continue on brave new paths.

11 thoughts on “The Clearing

  1. This is beautiful, and I love how you state your goal: “faithfulness to continue on brave new paths.” That’s definitely something I aspire to as well.


  2. Hi – visiting from FMF…we both used puzzles to help express our thoughts today:) Fun! I love all the descriptions in your post. They make me want to take a walk. To look for all I have rushed by. And, yes, I love that once He widens the path for us, then He “calls us to see.”! Have a wonderful weekend – eyes wide open:)


  3. Your words sing, and you images shine.

    I stand upon a rocky plain
    beneath a pitiless burning sky.
    It is here I shall remain,
    until, complete, I die.
    This was not what I had asked
    but still, it is a gift
    that I have been honour’bly tasked
    with words and faith to lift.
    Cancer is a terror, yes,
    but it is not the worst,
    for I am in faith full blessed
    and never shall be cursed.
    Lord above, you’ve made the choice,
    and full with praise shall be my voice.

    #1 at FMF this week.


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