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Abuse Survivor, Art, bravery, Children, confidence, courage, Faith, fear, grandchildren, memoir, mixed media painting, painting, Redemption, testimony, Vulnerability, wisdom
So moved by this opportunity

On the morning the editor of Fathom Magazine emailed me saying she loved the requested rewrite of my article, I found myself thinking about how I hoped my grandchildren and children would remember me.

I imagined young adults now toddlers saying, “Grandma was brave.” I imagined their parents saying “She sure was.”

The final edit echoed that very hope. I wrote an article prompted by the theme of Affirmation”.

You can read it here as well as so many other compelling essays, poems and articles.

Fathom Article

I’m honored to be included and happy to introduce you to this deeply thoughtful publication.


Abuse Survivor, Angels, Art, bravery, courage, curiousity, Faith, freedom, memoir, mercy, Redemption, rest, Stillness, Vulnerability, wonder

A call for artists’ submissions to illustrate a poem entitled “Exhale” caused me to sit with paper, pencil, water and color.

Especially the part about

…after waiting so long. Maggie Swofford

I was moved by the image of a jubilant one fleeing.

My illustration was selected by Fathom Magazine. Click here to read the poem and view the other images


It’s not wasted on me that the poet and I connected and that our creativity and maybe similar experiences have been ours.

Flee freely,

Continue and believe.