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I had to slow my steps, intent on only art canvases, make the beeline to the back and hurry on. No eye contact, small talk time, just me and my fast walking.

I needed to halt or bump into a woman with her son. She had a shuffle step that was familiar, I remembered a mama long ago who had an injury leaving one hip higher than the other. So, I thought this might be her and I’d be able to ask how she’s doing along with her now adult son.

Strangely, it wasn’t her, instead a younger version.

Still, our eyes met and she exhaled a big sigh. I asked “Been shopping all day?” And she replied that they’d been in the street since eight o’clock and she’d been takin’ her mama to all her doctors.

I saw her then, saw her loyalty and I added as I walked beside and then ahead of her,

“I remember those days. They are so hard. Get home and find some rest.”

She nodded, thanked me.

I bought eight 8×10 canvases and carried on.

I noticed the line was short at Chick Fil A and I was thirsty. I ordered my little indulgence, kids meal, fruit not fries and tea and answered “Lisa” as the young man calculated my change.

He asked how my day was going and I said “good” as I sensed the awkward in between, the task of giving me change and so I asked “Are you having a good day?”

His deep dark eyes met mine and the rising up of his chunky cheeks in a smile beamed as he happily answered, “Yes, I am.”

I rounded the drive thru line and watched a couple of boys/young men play “rock, paper, scissors” to determine who’d bring my order.

The one who lost sauntered over to my car and chuckled, “I just took your order!”

I smiled back and said that’s so funny because I was about to ask if you had a brother.

Serendipity, sort of, the chance to share kindness again.

Last stop, Publix for collards for tomorrow. Intentional here too, I have a short mental list and on a mission. The soup aisle is running low on chicken broth and my path intersects with a shopper who doesn’t hesitate to look up and say “Hey! How ya’ doing?”

I smile, realizing I don’t know her and she keeps talking and adds “I’m about to cook a big pot of soup for my family!”

“Sounds good!” I go my way and she goes hers until we’re both in the parking lot, cars loaded and I hear “toot toot” from her little SUV and my eyes meet her excitement in getting to wave goodbye to me, someone she doesn’t know.

I’d say it’s just accidental, this thrice encountering kindness from strangers and reciprocating.

But, since I have a thing for things in 3’s, I know it was heavenly, this afternoon of kind conversation and willingness to be seen.

Unknowingly, three people changed the course of my day from sullen to seeking, from deficient in hope to hoping.

Three people, working in community with my Good Father yesterday.

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”
‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭13‬:‭2‬ ‭ESV‬‬

Continue and believe.

3 thoughts on “Impressioned

  1. Thank You, Jesus, for kindness. And thank you, Lisa, for sharing this. I stopped in today’s Bible reading to notice a generational blessing. In Genesis we read of Nimrod being “a great hunter in the sight of the LORD” and also of him building Ninevah. I, like you, believe in God-incidences: I believe God had compassion on Ninevah, also in part because when he looked upon Ninevah he saw His Nimrod – all those years later.

    It made me see God’s great generational compassion for my husband’s family too. My FIL’s Dad died when he was just 11, his Mum when he was only 18 years of age. God remembers His people’s suffering and He never ever stops extending his mercy: from generation to generation.

    He sees you too, Lisa and your kids and grandkids. And he sees me too and my kids too. He knows everything and His heart is full of compassion for us all. Love you xoxo


      1. We need those reminders often, don’t we?

        Yes, she did. I sent you this via email on the 21st of December but it must have gotten lost in your inbox:

        “thank you again for the package for my sister. She called me up to thank me. Her daughter, Chloe, loved the book because she could read it herself (she’s 6) and my sister said she’ll be hanging the calendar in their bedroom so she can also feed on the Word, as she wakes up. Her husband (originally from Atlanta, Georgia) has had things get even worse. He’s in constant pain now from nerve problems (together with the POTS and heart problems). So anything that blesses her right now with God’s presence is such a gift. Life is hard for her. She’s always such a sunshine for everyone, always looking to the good, and she still is, but this is just so hard.”

        BTW my sister now has Covid (again) 🙄. When it rains, it pours. But trusting God is using even this to bless them all (in some ways I am glad it’s forcing her to rest – although no fun to be so sick).

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