Thoughts on Psalms and Paint

Art, contentment, courage, curiousity, Faith, hope, mercy, mixed media painting, painting, Redemption, rest, Vulnerability, wonder
Goodness and Mercy

A few months ago, I discovered an online publication, “Collected Magazine”. I connected and they connected in reply. The result includes some of my artwork and an interview about my Psalm 23 series. Here’s the link:


Goodness and Mercy is available

One thought on “Thoughts on Psalms and Paint

  1. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story of healing through this Psalm and painting, and congrats on the publication.

    I love the idea that subtraction is part of your painting process. That is such a beautiful picture of redemption and restoration for me.

    “I shall not want” or “I shall lack no good thing” has been a verse I have lingered in so much. A few years ago Velvet Ashes (online support for those serving God abroad) did a retreat on Psalm 23 and it was so healing.


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