Think of Others

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Blackbird and Vine

Think of others today, not peers, competing or measuring up comparatively people.

Sort of an exercise in out of the norm noticing or remembering.

Do you ever think about your grandma, your great-grandma, the legacy of their strengths and stories? The untold struggles, the pains they learned to comfort in their own quiet and unique ways?

I have an image of my grandmother all layered down in blankets, lamplight to the right, Bible in her lap, a pen for cursive notes in the margin.

On her screen porch, looking towards the crops, the winding path to Aunt Marie’s.

Looking for light, was she okay?

Had she gone to bed?

I walked out in the rain to see the bloom on my mystery vine and thought how very simple a joy!

What images make you smile, bring joy that doesn’t require scrolling, effort or comparison?

Think of others today.

I’m a fan of 3 word reminders.

Do hard things. Ask for help.

Continue and believe.

You are loved.

“Pass and re-pass.” my grandmother

Think of others.

Especially those gone on.

6 thoughts on “Think of Others

  1. Oh this is precious. I remember my Grandad today. My Mum’s Dad. He was such a gentle soul, so full of warmth. Just his presence was enough for us to feel God’s love – he needed no words to let us know he loved us. And just as I wrote that our kitten came up to put his face up against mine – he’s only been back home a couple of hours (having spent the month with my in-laws as we traveled “home” to New Zealand and to visit family in SFO).

    What a gift in encouragement you are. Much love xoxo


  2. The older I get, the more I think about those who are gone….and try to remember their stories. I also often find myself daydreaming (briefly resting) while gazing on “Into the Light”. Lots going on there. Thank you allowing me to have it.

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