Happy Way of Life

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#…Oh, I’ve lost count.

I’m sittin’ on the shaded end of the pool and content with not a hint of celebration of the independence kind going on.

Me, poolside.

The bass from the neighbor’s get together serenade is thumpin’ sorta subtle, Rolling Stones “No Satisfaction”.

Stevie Nicks and before that a little Steve Miller followed by the long longing “Faithfully” of Journey.

Distant sounds of dove coos with intermittent breeze causing my inhale and I’ve changed from jeans to stretchy gym stuff.

Because, I worked a little while.

At our shelter.

Now, I’m home.

I pull my legs up, settle in for a bit and swing ’em over the chair and decide I’m good here…

Yeah, the music continues beyond the fences…”Here Comes my Girl…”

Reminiscent, Bittersweet, like before but better.

Yes, “Turn the Page”.

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