30 Days of Favor | Lisa Tindal


Opportunities to string together my thoughts into words , I consider each of them from God, Dawn’s 30 Days of Favor, is one of those.

My piece is about finding grace and remembering how impossible it is to lose it for long.

Dawn Leopard


Lisa Anne Tindal is the mother of two children, Heather, a first-grade teacher who is married to her high school sweetheart, Benji, and Austin, a senior at The Citadel. Lisa works as the Director of a non-profit providing support to those struggling with mental illness, a shelter for single mothers and children who are homeless and support and awareness in regards to suicide. Lisa is fortunate to be married to a man who understands her need to for quiet time devoted to creativity, writing and painting. Lisa’s writing and artwork can be seen at: https://quietconfidence-artandword.blog/ Lisa considers her career her mission field and is prayerful in her efforts to help others. she believes in the truth of “But, for the grace of God, there go I.”  Lisa is involved in children’s ministry and WMU in her home church, Bethcar Baptist Church in Wagener, SC

Lost Shoes and Songs about Grace

This morning, I woke the same as most mornings…

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