Thinking of Now

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I’m writing for five minutes with thoughts on “Now”.

Linking up with Kate Motaung on this chilly Friday morning in  South Carolina.

I’m driving five hours or so today.  My companion and I will talk, some of it will be nervous chatter,  filling up awkward empty spots. Some of it will be weather, season or world.

Some of our conversation might be about our children or maybe even our shoes.  I woke, refreshed and said “Thank you, Lord, for I slept without tossing.”

Today Now

Today Now

I prayed, “Help me to see my opportunities to help today, to speak the things I know.”

I heard a sweet lady yesterday tell me of her husband’s abusive childhood. He’s a kind and distinguished man, I was not alarmed; but, surprised.

She says he carries it with him. It’s a blessing and a curse, she said.

More curse, but, the blessing is he’s kind to others because of it.

“Yes” I said.

I drive today to help a woman who felt she deserved nothing. I will not speak for her. I doubt I’ll be allowed.

I will speak to her if opportunity presents. Ill tell her that moving forward is scary, that looking back and living in the place another placed you is more comfortable, makes more sense and lessens the fear.

Ill tell her maybe about Esther…The one who stood with grace and spoke for life.

I’ll tell her maybe this is her time.

Ill think, maybe it’s mine.

And who knows whether maybe you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?  Esther 4:14


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