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Heading out the door, time absolutely flies every morning. I don’t want to leave,  I’m prone to lingering long in the quiet.

I reach for my keys and purse then stop.

Something happened this morning , I need to remember,  I should write this down. I go back to my morning spot and with pencil record the words that say the way it felt.

On the blank page next to angel shapes preparing for painting, I write to remember.

That moment, stay there,

that feeling, hold fast to it.

It happened in increments. First, I was humming,mindless warm sounds under steam of shower. Then, quietly I began to sing.

The words from the day’s Advent card, just words, “Jesus, we love you.”

Quietly, repetitively I sang

Jesus, we love you.

Jesus we love you.

You are the one our hearts adore.

Three, four, more times, I suppose I  sang the same few words to the song, each time more fluid than the last.

I fall short in describing the quiet elation, the place my heart felt peace. I’m hesitant to tell for fear it might lessen the tenderness of moment or the possibility of it being rare.

For, we can’t chase joy. We’ll  fail in pursuit of the splendidly content moments. We’ll find ourselves just shy of happy in the simple and we’ll negate the beautiful of a moment in forcing its happening again.

So, I’ll remember my shower song.  I’ll remember the moment when the words caused me to continue

in the finding of joy.

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