Effort, less

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I finished a grant, resubmitted a report, calculated the number of homeless in need of shelter and hugged a mama who wants to see her daughter left in another state because at least there was a home there.

Chasing grants, projecting budgets, tweaking outcomes.

I helped another mama figure out how to search for a surrendered child and I requested items needed from donor.

Finished up screenings, collaborative efforts in recognizing depression and inventoried supplies, worried over funding loss.

Came home, reached for leash, ready to walk. He pulled, on a scent, resisted me all the way.

We walked, out of synch. I was annoyed.

Unregulated in his walk, routine off, he calms finally.

So anxious to begin, worn out and panting towards the end.

Leash off, water bowl filled.

Not at all refreshed, renewed.

So,  I put out food for the birds. I can do this at least.

Then painted, finishing a landscape.

I love it so!

I remembered my son’s call, just when I’d decided to be okay without his call…he called.

Oh my.

Reached for the phone to text my daughter then,

She called me first. “I was just about to text you!” I said.

Oh, the joy of things unexpected.

The things that happen without effort.

Effort, less.

I filled the bird feeders and then noticed the seeds had become moist, clumped all together.

So, I left a little more, expecting it not to last.

But, happy to know it was discovered.


Better is a handful of quietness than two handfuls full of toil and a striving after the wind.

Ecclesiastes 4:6


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