Keeping Peace


Writing daily, using Advent cards as prompts has been an exercise for me.

An exercise of being purposeful about my desire to see the Savior in my Christmas and to seek His peace.

Peace seeking is a challenge if you think in terms of others and of circumstances.


Have you noticed we yearn more for peace, for joy, for jolly and bright simply because of season?   And because we live in a crazy, busy, conflicted world we find ourselves almost resentful when we just can’t be joyful, can’t be at peace.

We think and rightly so…peace and joy should be ours at Christmas.

At least for us who “love peace” are the “peacemakers” and are just peaceful (quiet on the surface) in general.

So, surely it must be our job to keep the peace train on its tracks, to let it begin with us.


I believe I have misunderstood the song for a long, long time.

Believing I’m the one, the giver, the creator, the keeper of peace.

Far be it from me to aspire to be quite so special, to think of myself as


Mighty, like God and Everlasting

To be royal in my peacemaking.

And what if you realize suddenly that the peace on earth or even just in your living room or around the dinner table means so much more than being the one who’s responsible for making it so for everyone.

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.

You sing the words to yourself over and over, like an affirmation on repeat.

You’ve convinced yourself, “This is my calling.”

You’re headstrong and committed to the task…There will be peace and it will begin with me.

Then in all your naive and well intentioned glory are reminded yet again, everything is not always smooth and people are not always nice.

So, you withdraw; but, not in defeat, rather in the need to let it be.

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.
Isaiah 26:3

You realize peacefulness on your tiny piece of this big earth is not people, not things, not family gatherings. It’s your mind at rest, your heart settled.

Peace is more than being peaceable.

It’s different from striving and imploring others to be at peace.

It’s me at peace.

Peace begins with me.

Comes from Him.

Sometimes spreads to those around me…sometimes, not always.

And that’s okay because I’m keeping my peace.

Lord,  let there be peace on earth and let  it begin with me.

Let this be my solemn vow…in each moment to live with peace.

Lord, let it begin with me.

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