To adore, despite


photo-25_kindlephoto-15293171Someone told me once, of marriage…”Peaks and valleys, Lisa, peaks and valleys.”

Wisdom, these words, so true of life, marriage, relationships, of our ability “to people”.

So, the craziness and conflict peak nonetheless and we rebel against it, even more disgruntled..

It’s Christmas after all.

The more we push back the stronger the resistance ’til it’s all ironed out or let go and we settle back down

We decide to let it be.  We refuse to allow our joy to be snapped up by whatever crazy, ugly or just complicated may be.

We choose for ourselves to adore Him, Christ the Lord, despite.


Come adore Jesus. Come see what God has done. Revere Christ as King. Imagine this King as a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. (Luke 2:12)

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