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It occurred to me just now that I never prayed for Paris.

I posted an image and  typed a captioned prayer; but, I never prayed for Paris.

My words, a prayer for Paris.  But, I never prayed.

I captioned my prayer with a  photo for impact, shared it and got “likes” and “Amen’s”.

My prayer:

Dear Lord, comfort those who are afraid, terrorized and in shock. Strengthen us, equip us to stand courageously and turn our hearts towards you even more so as we remain faithful to you, our God. #prayforparis

FB_IMG_1447896513028 And I know without doubt my prayer was seen by God.

Was a sincere and imploring request for peace and mercy.

Still, I never prayed for Paris.

So, tonight, inundated by media, social and otherwise; I felt sad at the realization that I had joined the Pray for Paris trend, yet never thought to pray.

I wonder how many did. How many prayed?

Prayer, to me is surrender in a conversation with God.

Lately, I’ve been reminded that my prayer life, my understanding of prayer is not the same as others.

I’m not opposed to Mimosas; but, I am opposed to Prayer Breakfasts that are simply gatherings with champagne and orange juice held in the early morning hours.

I am thankful to be a part of meetings that still open in prayer;  but,  if the prayer is scripted and poetic, I will just pray silently in my seat.

For me,  prayer is more than ritual, it’s God waiting to hear what He already knows as we give it over to be unraveled, worked out… the expression of our hearts…hurt, joy, anger, distress and dilemma given over to God in childlike submission and acknowledgement of sovereign knowledge.

I see prayer as humble respect of authority.

I talk to God and I wait and then, I see.

I notice little things, answers found within smallest of occurrence in my day.

Something will happen and there it is, “Yes, God, you heard me”.

I thank God often, not as often as I should;  I ask for answers sometimes, other times I desperately plea for a sign of His favor.

I pray “Show me your glory.” or  “Bless my children today in unexpected ways.”

Everyday, a surrender.

Everyday, a chance to pray knowing God is in control.

I pray for my children and my husband daily.

Sometimes, unknown to them, at their bedside with knees down, open hands upward, my face cushioned by their covers.

I want them to sense God.

I ask God, simply and sincerely to put smiles on their faces.

Paris seemed so far away I guess, so I only thought of praying.

I joined thousands who said they were praying, that they would

Pray for Paris.

I will pray for Paris tonight and try to remember to again pray tomorrow.

For Paris

If I forget or get busy I am certain of tonight’s prayer being heard.

Because, tonight I will.

Pray for Paris

And my prayer will be heard.




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