Gentle, Be Gentle

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Out walking without music or talking in my ears, I thought of prayer.

I prayed for betterment of me, things I’d acknowledged and lessons accepted, although hard and jolting, their truth.

This is growth. This is good.

So, how I wondered, is the right way to pray for those important to you, because of blood, heart, soul, breath and truth?

Or those you care for either in person or just because of similarities.

How do you pray for those who believed, but aren’t so sure these days, these days that will be honest with us if we’ll let them.

truth that came

Or for those who refused to ever believe in a way too mysterious truth.

Gently, you pray.

“Gentle, gentle…” I said countless times to my granddaughter.

It was their second meeting and the kitten wasn’t quite sure.

The toddler was excited, emphatic and ready.

The kitten accepted her.

Give and take, trust building gently.


I thought out walking, no noise save my breath and my steps.

The best prayer?

The prayer that’s gentle, the one that asks God to come near, says it is safe.

You’re safe.

A prayer that flows from a thought and

either reminds or acquaints.

Either way, the prayer I will pray is the one I’ve only newly begun to know.

You are loved. You are known.

And like a P.S. after the amen

I’d say Lord, help them know this sooner than later even though any time is good.

Be gentle, my Heavenly Father.

Be gentle and come near. Invite a reunion or a relationship.

A remembrance, gently.

All along, you’ve been loved.

Glad you’re here. Stay near.

What a gentle Lord I know.

Lord, help those I love and those I don’t know to know your gentle love.

9 thoughts on “Gentle, Be Gentle

  1. So strange. I went to bed (before you wrote this), grieving that a loved one of mine does not know Jesus. I had no words: just tears and deep groaning.

    I woke up to find this on my Bible app: “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” I looked up each Word and that last one stood it. It is parakaléo- meaning “from close-beside” and “call” and comes from the Word meaning “legal advocate”. I just laughed and cried. Only God! And then I saw what you had written too. God is just so sweet: so gentle with us also.

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      1. Yes, it is. So important. The greatest of these is love.

        My prayer is becoming more of a listening and giving back what God gifts me. Hard to explain. But He breaks my heart for what breaks His and gives me a longing so deep that goes beyond my own. It’s so humbling and what He gives me to pray is so often not what I would have prayed for.


      2. Lisa: can I ask you if you are afraid for your loved ones? I know that fear can make me aggressive too. If that’s what is at the root: may Jesus send out His Word to you that it may slice through all of the enemy’s accusations against your loved ones (and/or you). May He bring such comfort, such hope and such peace to your heart. Sending hugs

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      3. Yes, I have an older brother who once thought he was called to preach. He was a powerful and eloquent speaker. He chose a more successful career. I worry about him. Many others as well and also I worry about how this world, our country and culture are and will effect my children and grandchildren. Both of my children are believers, my husband too. I just ache over the unrest and turmoil the enemy is working hard to influence them towards. Thank you for asking and for praying.

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      4. Hugs! Those are some weighty burdens you are carrying on your shoulders, Lisa. Reading your comment made me think of something I read recently that helped me pray for God to help me with something similar:

        Already by 1946, she travels all over the world carrying all her possessions in two suitcases. She then still has to learn again and again to cast all her burdens unto the Lord. One day the Lord talks to her about it and speaks to her heart: “Corrie every time you present your sorrows and burdens to Me, you do not leave them in My hands, but take them all back and carry them all day long day like a heavy suitcase. Why do you unpack to immediately pack again? If you present your burdens with prayer and supplication, could you really leave them with Me?”

        Source: Life lessons from Corrie ten Boom – Part 2 • Devotional

        I pray that encourages you that we are both in good company with that struggle. I started praying for Jesus to help me leave my burdens with Him and He is truly answering that prayer! So much has lifted.

        The enemy knows how to grind us down. As Corrie ten Boom kept saying: we need a deeper understanding of the immeasurable wealth that is ours in Christ Jesus.

        Guess what “Blessed” in that verse I quoted literally means? Making long/extending the grace of God. He extends His grace through us to others, as we mourn/grieve for their souls to know Jesus (a grief He imparts). Isn’t that beautiful? We carry a powerful weapon inside us – greater than he who is in the world.

        Been praying for you xoxo

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  2. With you I pray for loved ones, some who need reuniting with Jesus and others a new relationship with him. I LOVE your focus on the word “gentle” here, “the prayer that’s gentle, the one that asks God to come near, says it is safe.” May our gentle prayers pave the way for the Spirit to do his gentle work! Thank you, Lisa!

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