Art Continues


“work in progress”, the words float on a cool artist video to give a glimpse into an artist’s current work. Funny, I’ve posted pics like this. I’m sort of old I guess, so I’m not one for sharing me talking into my phone and I’m not tech savvy enough (yet) to share a video of my actual process of painting.

BUT, I have at last created a close to proper Artist and Author website.

Here, you’ll see my recent figurative pieces, some works I’m known for as far as method and style and some smaller work.

Here, you’ll see the bright bird paintings along with a painting of my granddaughter that became the illustrations for the soon to be available book, “Look At The Birds”.

“work in progress”…me as a person, an artist, an illustrator, a writer, every single solitary thing!

I continue and believe.

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