Peace and Us

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We held hands in the foyer and prayed and the closing words to Jesus were that we’d be like light, peace in the places we go, that the peace we know we’d hold in the rooms we’re in with others.

That we’d bring light.

How does your light shine?

I ask myself this morning.

Is it sporadic?

Does it dim

And then annoy with incessant flashing

Like harassment

Like hurry?

How does your light shine?

Is it steady?


To be depended on to welcome back in

to a place of peace?

Does it say

Peace is here?

How does your light shine?

Is it left untended to

To die without power

Without the source for burning?

Does it stay so close knowing it can never shine on its own?

How does your light shine?

What is hiding


Is it certain like a promise

Dependable like home?

How does your light shine, your peace, your gaze towards hope, your soft assurance of what you know?

Others will see, others will know and seek.

Peace, peace like the light you bring.

Peace, light and love.


Peace is for us.

“O Lord, you will ordain peace for us, for you have indeed done for us all our works.”

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭26:12‬ ‭ESV‬‬

Happy Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Peace and Us

  1. Thank you for continuing to create. I wish that I could respond to all your entries, as each time you post I receive a slice of God’s Kingdom. As a blogger myself, I know that often people are moved by the material, yet are hurried in this chaotic world and do not stop to provide their insights and responses. I am prone to this as well. I love your work. I admire your consistency and courage. May your Christmas season include much satisfaction and rest for you and yours. May God’s continued mercy and grace define your borders as artist and writer.


    1. I understand. I often read the words of others and just get busy with other things and don’t acknowledge. I subscribe to your email and enjoy your “voice”, wished I could’ve jumped in the car to meet you at your signing. I suppose there are many readers who take our words with them as they go and that’s what’s important. It’s always sweet to be told though. So, thank you.


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