Just Left of Beautiful

Children, daughters, family, hope, Motherhood, Vulnerability

The grass was chilled from the still cool soil and the overnight temps were on the warm edge of freezing.

Just to the left, what you don’t see, is my life changing significantly, almost too significant to perceive.

A maternity shoot, my daughter, her husband, their May baby.

I offered my jacket for her bottom and then remembered I had not driven my car.

So, from a distance.

My daughter with her firstborn inside her sat down carefully on the ground laid out in perfectly plowed and planted rows, slices of shimmer,

chilly grass.

The photographer’s mama stood with me.

I smiled as told her I wasn’t surprised.

That she’d sit down, in her pretty dress, baby in her belly, they sat without hesitation on the cool of God’s soil.

Then remembered my blonde girl running through wheat fields, cotton and corn.

I stood and I watched as she rested her hand on her baby.

At a distance, I watched, closer to my daughter than I thought possible, sweeter than ever before.

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