Crazy and Possibility

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This is crazy I told myself.

Two hours in my work clothes, shoes kicked to the corner.

And the background music…on point. (I’m not sure what this means but

I like the sound of it!)

Painted soothing blue, planning on a marsh late summer but not quite right.

Paint on. Paint off.

Missing my girls. Add the shape of one I’ll call.


I want to keep on. I want to finish. I want to stand back and go “Yes…oh.”

Then I remember this little thing I saw today and I told myself you can come back and add layers or even paint over to start over.

Either way, you had two glorious hours of painting…and painting always, always gives you way more than it takes!

This piece, to be continued.

2 thoughts on “Crazy and Possibility

  1. Thank you, Thank you! This is what I need to hear today, right now this evening. Aren’t these the very things we’d tell our artist friends? YES! So why can we not embrace- or even believe- them when it comes to ourselves? So. Thank You! And I’m so glad you had the chance to paint with abandon- just as you were, just when you walked in the door!! A gift! ❤


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