Cake with Your Mama Day

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I’d love to tell you just a little about my mama, on this day, her birthday!

And then I’d love for you to make cake a part of your day!

She passed away nine years ago.

Too soon for us all.

There were more cakes to bake, more commentary to be made on the politics of the day, more acceptance to be given over her sometimes sullen, stubborn and set ways.

More big meals together with some variety of homemade cake.

It may have been my coconut or my brother’s red velvet, maybe caramel, maybe thin layered chocolate so good the sugar melted more sugar on your tongue as you allowed it to linger.

It may have been her pound of everything pound cake or it may have been the fancy cream cheese with pecans creamy carrot.

Today, I am planning to have cake!

You should too.

I give you not permission, but a virtual nudge-like nod to say yes to love, to loosening your control!

To enjoy cake alone or with someone, somehow with your mama.

To have cake and not stress over anything at all!

Stress’ll kill you, Lisa! My Mama

Happy Birthday in heaven, Mama!

Your love has brought us to who and where we are!

I celebrate you today.

Last year, I went “junkin’” and bought this little dog that looked like “Sunny” and then my friend Dana surprised me with cake!

Little did she know she’d be starting a tradition…your birthday will be remembered from now on by enjoying some sort of outrageously delicious cake!

I am officially declaring January 30th “Cake with Your Mama Day”.

If you still have your mama, go see her or call her and catch up over cake!

If your mama is in heaven like mine, sit with someone you love and let love lead your reminiscing or just your making time to be together.

Whatever you plans today, make time for cake!

Then share the love and yumminess of your day!!!

Yay for cake!


2 thoughts on “Cake with Your Mama Day

  1. I can’t believe you haven’t gotten any comments on this sweet post! I read it when you pushed the Publish button- 5 days ago. (But I read it on my phone and my phone and WordPress don’t always get along. In fact, they think I don’t exist. humph!!! It’s been one of “those” weeks and I haven’t fired up the laptop but a few times- usually for a specific reason.)
    I love the idea of celebrating your Mama’s birthday with cake. And I do some form of that ’cause I still miss her after 8 years. I’ve done a variety of things to celebrate her life, on her birthday. But I like the simplicity of “just have cake”. I think I’ll adopt your sweet idea. Thanks so much for sharing it!! 🙂


  2. You are so kind! I’m thinking of creating a newsletter/email list to grow my readers and platform as I move further into writing…today’s a day that sounds scary and impossible and doubtful. Tomorrow I may be more confident.


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