Best Worst

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Crying is not a thing for me, at least not obvious, in the open, show of emotion or to be noticed or inviting reaction.

I said goodbye and left for work.

Halfway down the highway remembering our thing they let me do, realizing the best or the good in what feels kinda worst or at least a little sad.

Sister and brother, single mother, supper table conversation starter used to be

Best of your day

And worst? Taking turns type invitation.

Honestly, we didn’t do this with regularity for very long.

I have smart children. They caught on.

Colt aka Colton Dixon

I left today in tears. The Labrador is leaving, gonna live with the one with whom he belongs.

Best thing, they’ll be together, I didn’t say no, acted doubtful or predicting problems.

Best thing?

They are together. It should be.


I keep listening for his feet on the floor, next to the door…

Listening for his feet.

Best of my day? The really real reality of becoming a grandma,

of the Labrador being content and well loved and settling into big city and of me, this evening realizing I was running, running with light legs, light feet.


Really nothing, nothing coming up, nothing really, really nothing.

Best clearly cancelled out worst today.

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