The Book of Luke, 24 Days of Jesus – An Advent Experience

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My Light is His Light

The house is empty and rain has not stopped falling. I’ll be in for most of the day, maybe all day.

I’m not rushing out the door. I believe it’s okay to stay home instead.

I’m doing better this year, happy with wrapping as I go, not anxious, not nearly as anxious as the years before.

This morning, I return to the Book of Luke. I could linger long and not decide which verses I love most, which I need the most and which ones I am beginning to truly understand.

Understanding God’s word cannot be rushed. It’s a beautiful and profoundly unexpected epiphany after epiphany.

I don’t know how I ever lived without it.

Luke has me unable to share in a way this book is worthy of revealing here on this place I use to write.

I’ll hint here, hopefully compel others to read, the importance of Luke, Chapter 8.

  • Jesus welcomed women who had been used, harmed, or were otherwise damaged, labeled damaged goods.
  • Jesus was a fascinating and purposeful storyteller, he told stories to engage others, to draw them near through relatable commonalities.
  • Jesus convicts us and leads us to self-examination. What are you doing with your “seeds” the gifts you have that God who created you, gave you, gave you good things to share?
  • Are you wasting them, scattering occasionally and then forgetting you left them there? Are you losing sight of them, not caring for them and allowing your thorny choices and character flaws to choke them to the point of uselessness, maybe even death, never a difference at all.
  • What about your light? Do people know you’ve got the light of God’s love in you or do you just figure you’ll keep it to yourself, it’s not your business to be a show?
  • Jesus prioritized His calling, said all of humanity was meant to be His family, He took no opportunities to rest with his family, I suppose they knew it would be so.
  • Times will come that shake us. We should remember the storm and the boat and how Jesus slept through it only to be awakened by the terrified disciples. He then calmed them and the storm; but, questioned their faith, the faith that by now they all, we all should know!
  • He cared about the mentally ill, he healed a man overtaken by demons.
  • He was open to interruptions. He was not bothered by a change in his schedule. He’d been summoned to heal a little girl who was dying. He made his way towards the family through all the curious spectators. Something brushed against him. It was a woman who’d been having her period for twelve years, twelve years of being ashamed, of being a prisoner of her womanly calamity. It’s not a pleasant thought. I would have hidden at home too. But, she had heard. She heard of the women with infirmities who now sojourned with him, they’d been sinful and sorrowful women before; but, no more. She must’ve been hoping for that “no more”. Jesus felt her touch and she felt His. She was healed. Jesus said to her the same thing he wants to tell us all. It may be my favorite line. “And he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace.” Luke ‬ ‭8:48‬ ‭ESV‬‬
  • Do you have a Bible? Find the Book of Luke there or with an app on your phone.

    Luke was an intellect, a researcher, a writer who made sure of his story before he wrote it.

    Advent is teaching me, this thing I’ve called my Advent Experience is teaching me, comforting me, changing me.

    My Christmas gift to me, maybe.

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