Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

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Reblogging a post I loved and never sure I’m technically correct.

But, because of it, I ran this evening and I remembered the only time I’ve ever been close to skinny I would never be that me again, never again.

So, thank you David Kanigan and thank you, Allie Kieffer for running ’cause you wanted to.

Me too, this evening I ran because I wanted to.

Live & Learn

Who says Allie Kieffer isn’t thin enough?

Allie Kieffer, one of the best Americans running the New York City Marathon next Sunday, spent a lot of her life feeling as if she didn’t really fit in among the competition. She was good enough to land an athletic scholarship to college and hoped to continue running after graduating. But she wasn’t as thin as the women she raced against. Her coaches suggested she diet. She eventually gave in, and her body broke down…

After a few years, she missed running and started again — but this time was different. There were no goals, no opponents to compare herself with and no times to record. Everything was on her own terms…She began running more miles than ever, she was healthier than ever, and she was happier, too. And then something unexpected happened: She got faster. Much faster.

Last year, Kieffer ran…

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