31 Days, Freely – Help


Jesus looked at them and said, 

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” 

Matthew 19:26

Large groups of intellectuals, naysayers and overachievers, some might say perfectionists were confounded by Jesus.

Confused over what they had to excel at to be worthy of heaven.

What more could they know?

What more could they acquire in the measure of success or value?

Jesus told one you can’t be good, you weren’t born to be good.

Reminded him of the commandments, the good and right choices he should make.

Then said, you have to give some stuff away. You can’t be obsessed with your riches, you must be kind, you give away more than you keep.

The man balked and turned to walk away.

Jesus told them all it’s easier for a camel to walk through a needle than a rich man to enter God’s kingdom.

The listeners were befuddled. Well, how on earth will it be possible, how can we be the good kind of good?

Jesus told them all it’s possible with God, when you decide God and not good is your priority, less interested in your more and unafraid of having less.

Yes, then everything is possible!

Possible with God’s help.

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