5 Years Old Now

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I’ve just scanned through five years worth of blog.

Real reminiscing.

All about my “girl and my boy”, God, prayer, struggle, survival, His grace, people I’ve bumped into, causing me to think.

I’m surprised it’s been 5.

The only takeaway, I see since I’m not so tech savvy or SEO keen is that

I love my space.

I love it being mine and me.

I had no idea it was year 5 until I got the little WP trophy notification.

But, this morning after two days finishing a submission for possible publication of a personal, I suppose powerful piece.

I prayed a prayer that just came.

I love those.

God’s way.

Maybe didn’t make much sense to me.

Still, I prayed it.

God, thank you for letting me write, thank you for giving me words that I get happy over them feeling just right.

Now, I say thank you to people I won’t or can’t possibly name at all.

Who I imagine a whole lot more spectacular writers than me.

And for friends who tell me, “I’d read it, I want to read more.” when I cautiously hint the thought “book”…

You’ll never ever know how much you matter and…you know,

You know who you are.

Thank you so very much!

5 thoughts on “5 Years Old Now

  1. Lisa, I am thankful we “met’ early in my blog life. In two years, I have learned while I read your words, style. I think our blogging journey reflects our lives. Rejoicing with you today, growth and hope for the writer in you.

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  2. Happy Birthday, Lisa!
    Wish I’d meet you sooner but I’m so glad to have been able to connect. You are always inspiring and I appreciate your openness. You encourage and call me higher.
    Cheers and blessings for the next 5!

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