Burst Bubble

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I had good intentions. I made a list and circled each of the 3 things I felt I should do.

I thought I might try.

One, a request that I write on “freedom”, another, the theme is education, I had and still have an idea.

A third, a lofty hope to be selected as the author of a devotion for women.

I’m not super social, I feel safest all alone.

But, I got beckoned from my bubble today, my little protected place where things are not at all perfect; but, they are good and at least, I know what is my own.

And I realized just now that I couldn’t begin to be expressive in a coherent and communicative way. It would be chore, clarity lacking, shallow sharing.

Nor should I try.

Not now.

So, I decide to back burner the writing goals, some of them commitments and to pray before sleep instead.

To pray for one who held my hand, in a final sort of goodbye way surrounded by her family.

And another not seen in a long time friend who asked me to pray just now and I replied, “I will.”

Changed by others, humbled by my trivial troubles, I will pray.

Pray for others.

I will.


Later, my list I’ll resume.

Praying for others

and me.

Prayer is the exercise of drawing on the grace of God. — Oswald Chambers

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