For Women

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I came real close to calling her back.

Thought about it more than once, a non-writer, blogger, random probably, reader of my words.

I couldn’t remember the way she said what she said.

I told her it meant so very much and now I can’t even remember how, but

we went from work related conversation to her making mention of my instagram, my words that morning

And other mornings.

“Something about it…” she said.

“Something about your words, always, always for women”

2 days later, I’m settled here, settled and satisfied that sometimes some things I say matter for someone other than me.

Just now I’ve had a texting convo with my girl and before that a friend and before that this one who made my day when she told me I likely had no idea how much my words mean to so many women.

Like a prayer, I’m inclined to say


Prompted by the FMF ladies…the word, WOMAN


11 thoughts on “For Women

    1. It was such an unexpected reader. You’re so right, it’s a gift and a call. Your words reach countless women, I’m one. I just realized I wasn’t following you…what happened??? I am again and did you know we’re both Daughters of the Deep? 😊


  1. Thank you so much for this. Words are powerful. And words of love and truth can matter so much in other women’s lives, we ought not hesitate to share them–as I too often hesitate, and sometimes even refrain from sharing at all–because I think perhaps they do not matter. Beautifully rebuked. 🙂

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  2. It is amazing when we get those little encouragements, knowing that our words matter and they do make a difference to people. I remember getting a comment from a random person last year saying that both she and her mother read all my posts and were encouraged by them. Those moments can definitely keep us going at times when we’re not so sure that anyone’s reading!

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  3. Lisa, it is the Spirit working through those who write for those who are looking for those words and happen to be where the Lord leads them. It is a blessing also to read others who write. All of us are encouraged as we share from these pages. His Word and His Spirit do not return without fruit. Blessings as you continue to bless others.

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