Happy Way of Life #11

bravery, contentment, courage, grace, Uncategorized, Vulnerability

I ran farther than before and with a rhythm in my ear, I taught myself to breathe.

I felt it was enough and then the song I thought was new, I’ve learned is old, told me it was true.

The enough I knew was true.

Flood Waters

Still, I listened and loved it again. This song about being up to my neck in stuff gone wrong, settled stagnantly defeated and conversations leaving me longing to say more.

Love more.

Ran a little extra, into my grassy front yard, circling back towards the bird bath, plucking a purple bloom from the bottom of the shrub and remembering the feather

I’d forgotten, tucked safely against my breast.

“Somewhere in between forever and this passing day

There’s a place moth and rust cannot lay waste

This is grace, the face of love…” Flood Waters, Josh Garrells

3 thoughts on “Happy Way of Life #11

  1. I LOVE that song! Never heard it before so I found it with the lyrics so my aging ears could understand all of the lyrics – lol! Awesome. Thanks for sharing.


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