The Same Still

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All the pretty pots sat near the sill.

Tender colors and smooth shapes. My niece has become a potter and all of her pieces, she’d brought home.

My weekend, I’ve named the weekend of nieces and it was a whirlwind, my daughter and I began at 5:20 in the morning on a Thursday and keep goin’ til late night on a Sunday.

I kept thinking, calling it, our trip on the “crazy train”.

Takeaways once we made it home through uncertain outcomes, a baby girl, perfection…a moonlit boat ride, a tropical storm, a downpour on a skinny back road and a time for bed ice cold beer with my uncle, excited over us joining him in the indulgence and laughter ’cause I decided not to be stubborn, to not keep driving on.

So we stayed the night with Aunt Boo because the rain had set in, the radar made my daughter a little scared.

Oh, the takeaway, yes, back to what I realized while walking, finally back home.

My family is diverse.

God has flung us one way and another and all within a three hour or so perimeter. Vastly different now, I kept thinking we are.

But, oh in many ways the same, just reshaped, reworked, fashioned as God would have us be, has had us become.

“But now, O Lord, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand.”

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭64:8‬ ‭ESV‬‬

Each of us, reflecting the other, changed only slightly by life’s ripples and waves.

My brother in law noticed me in my sister. I noticed my daughter in my niece. My daughter noticed my son in my brother in law and I noticed my mama and my daddy in the newborn great niece.

I noticed my daughter in me, oh, that’s a given.

In my brothers, I saw myself and in my nephew, I saw his daddy. In my niece, I saw me.

In my sister, well,

I saw my baby sister.

Time changes many things, grows us, moves us, melds us and muddles and befuddles us.

But, change us deep down?

Maybe not so much at all, just all worked a little differently, made to work a little differently.

Not meant for sameness, only similarity.

We, the work of His hands.

Reflections of those gone before us and looking over us, of one another and of God.

All things work for good, we all the work of His hands, vastly different, still the same.

Still, the same.

The same, still.

2 thoughts on “The Same Still

  1. Thank you for this offering, Lisa! I remember the first time I really noticed how the blood line of my family carried on in my nieces and nephews. My nephew was in the local pool with me and I looked up and felt like I had gone back in time and it was my brother instead. The same still. Still, the same!

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    1. Thanks! Excited for you to continue Tell His Story linkup. It was my first ever share by Jennifer some time ago, I’ll never forget feeling as if I had her nod of assurance to continue writing!

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