Happy Way of Life #6

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Creativity is either bliss or burden.

No one might ever understand, your own little ways,

Only you.

I found old beaten down wood, peeling white chips on muddy tinted grain, a “2 b’ 6” the shop owner said.

I decided it must’ve come from a little place in a house in the country, a kitchen with a window that looked out on wide, wide field the same color, the field, a cushion of green.

I asked my husband to make three of the one and I’d forgotten sort of.

Until home from work today and he’s done, the pieces leaning against the back door for me saying, Here, I did this.

For you.

I’ve added white sheathed gowns to all three, shades of peachy pink on soft tilted faces will come later.

But for now, the green on old wood, the white paint thick and the shape of shoulders, hinting a disposition.

Brings me joy.

We decided today, a friend and I that creativity makes you vulnerable, you try and feel fulfilled or you attempt and over attempt and wonder

oh, my goodness why do I continue?

But, you go back to the place where you tie the apron thick with paint around your waist or you sit and take a deep breath until the authenticity of you comes through in nouns and verbs and considerations.

And you know, you know God made you different, made you to not cower; made you to create.  Me

Made you unafraid,

Of you.

I’ll go back to the old desk covered in splattered thick colors and I’ll return just as soon as I can to the desk neatly sorted, copies of my words on white sheets and I’ll write there.

The desk that looks out on the birds.

I’ll have the courage to become me again, the one who paints angels without faces without caring who wonders why and writes stories about hope lost and found and grace.

my happy way of life

more to follow

5 thoughts on “Happy Way of Life #6

  1. Lisa, your happy way of life creativity with words and paint makes my soul sing every time I get a glimpse of it. You speak to the creative spirit within each one of us and gently call it forth. Keep creating and keep meditating on the process, because the results are glorious! Blessings on your life and art. 😊💜


  2. I think we are sisters, Lisa. This is such a lovely pictured… painted this time with words on a screen. Artists make whatever the medium into something beautiful. You describe me in so many ways… painting faceless angels, getting hubby to help, paint on surfaces, words on hearts (well, I HOPE mine land on some hearts), workspace overlooking birds and squirrels. You brought tears to my eyes in sharing your happiness. Thanks! Continued blessings on you and all you put your hand to do. ❤

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