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After deciding it was the “seeking” part I am not always so intent on; but, the assurance that God had a purpose for my life, I was worried that seeking might not align with being still.

I was reassured by Webster’s defining of “seek”.

a : to go in search of : look for

b : to try to discover

Having decided to be still to know that no time should be considered wasted because of what had not been accomplished in the year or years before.

Still is what I’ll be seeking, still enough to truly see, to listen, to know as I go.

Face down towards the words of God and maybe no set guide or timeline or schedule, truly understanding what it is I am to know, this shall be what I see as seeking.

Why my “one word” makes more sense and gives more hope than I’d expected.

Just a week ago, I told someone my word would be “optimism” and she said well that’s a good one for us all and I just nodded.

Later realizing it wasn’t at all my word, too status quo, too vaguely overarching and one size fits all.

I read Psalm 46:10 and realized I’d probably never been still for very long at all, ever!

That being still simply means anticipating that God is God and I can be still knowing this more profoundly.

Still, He is on the throne.

There is still time and there are still great plans and a purpose I’ve still not fully caught a glimpse of so I must seek like a cat close to the ground waiting to discern when to move. Still like an ancient planner of charts and maps, I must consider carefully the best path.

I must be still.

I must be thoughtful. I must listen more than I speak and meditate more than I mediate.

Some verses we make almost cliche.

Or we cling to the good and positive and hopeful, yet never latch onto the rest of the story. We love God’s part, sometimes skim over the lines explaining ours.

Like a puzzle that is without a corner piece, we will never be complete, will never be able to display ourselves as fully God’s idea until we seek and we find and keep seeking all the pieces he designed to fit together, a display for His glory and purpose.

We might never fully know His plan if we’re content in only half heartedly believing that He has a plan and purpose; yet don’t seek with our whole heart to find, each of us one of God’s masterpieces.

Seeking is our part, not striving and submitting not struggling or manipulating.

The hope and the future, God’s.


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