Bending Down

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I love it when I see into your heart for your kids. It makes me see a piece of my Mum, who left for heaven early. I can imagine her praying for us like you do for yours. And I still see prayers she prayed over us reaping fruit: the deeds of the righteous shall follow them. I hope God gives you glimpses into the fruit even now. Those prayers carry the weight of eternal blessings no one can take away from your kids.

You won’t find me joining in on “sending

positive thoughts” or “good energy” or even “hopeful thoughts”.

I’ve seen the pleas of such and I pause, I wonder over the vague imploring for good from those who hope for good.

I designed a book cover…used a picture I loved and a title I believed,

What God Can Do…

my name, my first and middle with last, in a pretty font underneath.

I’d planned to set it aside til pages were filled on the one before.

But, decided to be intentional, after all I’d proclaimed it already…What God can do.

Intentional in my recording, light impressions from lead in light touch of pencil.

Little dot I call “bullet”, I wrote

I will know whether I should write or not.

Thus, the quote above from someone in some place I’ve no idea and who longs for her mama, her “mum” and was kind enough to be the person who, prompted by God who heard my prayer to tell me I should continue writing.

And I was not always an understander of God or a pray-er of prayers; but, I’d love to know that someone may read this and decide to pray, nothing against good thoughts or positive vibes.

But, I pray someone will pray.

Maybe make a bullet list in the morning or night.

One was this (the others I’ll keep secret, sacred):

I will know (because of what God can do)

that I should write, I should write for one person, just one and that one will be quite well enough.

“Because he bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath!”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭116:2

She read Bending with the Road

About my Children

and her comment, no less than a confirmation and an answer…What God Can Do.

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