Not Unaware

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I jotted it down in my black journal.

A ribbon and black elastic band to hold my place, the pages, buff and subtle are its lines.

Might be my favorite.

The one I discovered had a pocket in the binding on back cover.

Discovered it just as I’d folded the seven or so pages written in long hand when I had the time and before it faded away into the place of maybe.

Thoughts that made up Chapter Two.

But, three days, might be four, I walked in the middle of the day, thinking it was fall; but, not yet.

And I’d not considered the Chapter Three.

Melancholy, mind weary, pressed for time.

I walked at a time I felt unsure why, I should.

A hawk was steady and settled, led me to keep on, concerned over the asphalt, we found opportunity to walk in the grass of empty lots.

I decided he deserved it, picked up a stick, I’ll let him cool off in the pond.

It was a plan.

Then, the pecan tree I’d never noticed and the treat of walking down towards the pond; but, Colt, the big brown Lab was disinterested, lazy and uncertain of the plunge.

I waited and watched, a butterfly allowing my time.

To understand, to cherish what was waiting to burst forth, to flutter.

And the dog waited on the bank while I watched and decided,

jotted in the center, nothing else in the space around,

“I refuse to believe that

God is


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