High Fives

bravery, courage, Trust, Vulnerability

Joining others to write for five minutes on the prompt “play”. 

Here goes!

You’d have to know me even more than the content of my blog to know I’m not really a “playful” person. 

I’m in the fourth week of boot camp and last night, I welcomed a new person, tried to give her a feeling about the energy level of our trainer. 

 The trainer, a petite woman, wiry and strong, she is “theatrical”

She’s a “live wire”!

She pushes hard after playing a little game of bonding and I’m telling you this is not who I used to be…we’re all gathered up in a circle, our arms around shoulder or waists and we’re trying to keep one boot camper from grabbing the towel off the shoulder of another. 

This is our warm-up. We laugh, we sigh, we bend at our waists and let out long breaths of “wooo”!

The kind of thing I would have hufffed over before, too silly, are you kidding? 

Then we train; plank, push-ups, punches, lunges and curls. 

I’m able to finish. I’ve not given up. We stretch long and low, hold for just the right feeling and “Bless it, Bless it!” She says. 

“Done!”  then prances towards me, two hands in the air and we smile, slapping our hands together, two high fives!

Just like she knew the me before, fat child hiding, too thin person hungering, now it feels I’ve found the right one in between. 

 How far I’ve come, how far I want to go…all things through Christ and to make me stronger for His good glory! 


5 thoughts on “High Fives

  1. I love those moments when we can look back and see how we’ve changed and the transformation God has been working in our lives. Glad to be your FMF neighbour today! Hope you have a great weekend!


  2. Love, love, love…way to go!
    “Just like she knew the me before, fat child hiding, too thin person hungering, now it feels I’ve found the right one in between.” Another high five!!
    Commenting from the Five Minute Friday Community.

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