Steady Now

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My little Gideon

I almost slipped. The floor causing squeaky basketball sounds, “shuffle, shuffle…squat, shuffle, shuffle, squat!”

My right foot almost folded. I paused in the repetition, considered faking injury, dropping out. 

Began again though, doing this push me farther than before thing. 

Getting stronger, not smaller, I’m changing me for the better. 

Inside too, I woke with this song this morning, “O’ Come to the altar…O’ what a Savior…hallelujah !”

Setting the tone, making steady the way I’m walking today. I pray and I say thank you for teaching me to persist. 

I say thank you for fresh perspective, music in my ear and a tiny Bible close to my work with words that my eyes land upon, saying “I’ve got you…you got this!”

A new idea, I’m excited, plans to prosper them! 

Plans, Passages, Prospering

Keep me steady now, Lord.  Day by day, dear Lord I pray. 

Music, scripture, prayer and persistence.

Steady now. 

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9 thoughts on “Steady Now

  1. That song is playing on my Spotify right now! “O Come to the Altar” by Elevation Worship. You’re speaking my language when you said, “Music, scripture, prayer, and persistence.” I’m with you 100%! Loved your write. Your #fmfparty friend No.23


  2. Beautiful, Lisanne. I love how songs have such power to lift our eyes to Jesus, to strengthen us for the day, to remind us of God’s truths. I’m so thankful God enables us to walk, or limp, or move steady forward, with and in Him.

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