Angels, Art and Otherwise

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A writer who wrote a book about hope and places and people along the way who reinforced or taught us to be hopeful, “Hope Markers” asked if I’d consider writing a guest post. 

Joan Gallagher is one of the answers to my Jabez prayer, that God would enlarge my territory. 

She has a website called “Women Mentoring Women” and honestly this name makes so much sense based on my encounters with her. 

She’s never given me anything but hope. 

She doesn’t even know me. 

So, I thought of mentors and being a tad bit independent in the way I process advice, I had to acknowledge that maybe I’m not so great a “mentee”.

But, I thought of a gracious woman who gave me the chance to love her, to honor and complement her life changing story.

I thought of her grace towards me and others and I remembered and wrote of a life changing time in her life that she will not allow to be forgotten. 

So, I thought yes, it’s Judy. She’s my hope marker, my pointer out of all the graces I’ve been shown. 

Thank you, Joan for the chance to write. 

I hope you’ll read and think of grace, God’s unending towards us and his opportunities to allow our graces given by others to never go unnoticed. 

I hope you’ll honor my beautiful friend, Judy Jones, by reading and sharing her story; but, mostly being changed as was I by her example of grace. 

Angels and a Teacher of Grace

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