Light In


I wake up and realize it was right to pray that prayer I prayed.

It was accurate, that nudge, intuition.  It was God finding my mind settled enough to pause and then pause again.

So, I prayed that prayer again and then let it lie.

The light comes in loudly some days, house so quiet you can hear the morning.

This is my happy way of life.

I crave the undistractedness of morning.  I love its pattern.



Wrap myself in the seeping in of light, have paper ready to soak up the spill of reminders and sometimes profound, new and too just right to believe epiphany.

Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will

tell you what he has done for my soul.

Psalm 66:16

A few weeks ago, my pastor suggested we all write a “mission statement”.  I love the idea because I love stuff like that, because I like to chart my thoughts and my life that way.

If I believe, Jesus said, from my heart will come a flow, a spring of living water. John 7:38

I’d love to know this true of me, that others see life through the brave flow of my heart’s words.

Now, I can’t say why, now. But, it happened, the flow of beautifully real.  The light maybe, the quiet, maybe the prayer started the pencil to moving like a tethered cord to heart to mind, let’s pull gently and let it stream cross the morning into reality.

So, here it is as it came today, light came in.

 I want to make up for lost time, the trapped time, the hidden time…want to make up for the lost time by doing all the things God gives me to do. I want to believe in chances as more than random luck, to see opportunity as providence and success as testament of my salvation through Jesus and because of mercy. To know my treasure and to know I’m treasured, not hide from the light. Let others see, tell them my story.

My mission statement came in like light, warm and welcoming truth. To God be the glory for the gift of quiet confidence.