Purpose and Possibility

courage, Faith, Trust, Vulnerability

I woke excited to know the possibility. 

One of many, I am sure; still, it could be me. I wrote a brave story and followed the instructions for a literary competition. 

Added writing the essay that initially was soft and spoke of childhood to the list in the margin of my calendar called “to do”. 

I’ll know in a few days. I’ll know to be afraid or relieved,  emotionally giddy over being chosen or a bit scared of being seen and hoping to hide behind my grandma like a little girl afraid. 

Either way, there’s a purpose for the outcome. I know this to be true because I asked it to be so. 

Prayed, Lord I am taking this next step you have “purposed” me for and I will see you all along the journey. 

Purposeful, everything is. 

Opened the cabinet for a cup and see it there, little black mug with letters painted white to remind…plans and purpose, not for harm.

For good.  Time will reveal what good will come. May be simply the knowledge of taking the brave next step to make the next one more brave. 

Or maybe it will as my friend promised, the purpose of the shedding light on dark places hidden so I am free, more free than I have been. 

A beautiful and sweet, purposeful free. 

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6 thoughts on “Purpose and Possibility

  1. Lisanne, i enjoyed my first visit to your blog today. yes, i’m your next door neighbor at FMF:) i enjoyed your beautiful paintings with angels mixed with hymn backgrounds…lovely:) i also enjoyed this post…that worry about presenting your writing, wondering if it will be loved or rejected. the comparison to hiding behind your grandmother’s apron is a good one:)


  2. This is a great post! Well done for writing your brave story and submitting it. I agree, God has a purpose whether it turns out as you hope or not. A few months ago I felt called to write and submit a story that took a lot of courage. It wasn’t accepted and at first I was disappointed, especially as it hadn’t really been my plan to do it in the first place, but it was something I was doing out of obedience to God. Anyway I see now that he had other purposes. Just writing it was helpful to me and I was able to share it somewhere else and one person in particular was impacted by it and encouraged to take a brave step herself which made it all worthwhile. Visiting from FMF.

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