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Sometimes we only remember our “memory verses, ” and we miss the most meaningful conversations God wants to have with us through His word. The conversations between believers, encouragers, and teachers, they catch me off guard sometimes and make me just glad. I forget I’m reading an ancient book, it becomes such a novel like a story, the characters captivating me, the reader.

In the second of the Timothy books, Paul reminds young Timothy of the spirit God gave him and that it is not a spirit of fear, exhorting him, sending him off to carry out his duty.

It’s a popular verse. I’ve used it, heard it, shared it and prayed it. “For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” II Timothy 1:7

Just before turning here I’d prayed that God would make me a more wise leader, that he’d help me understand his way in situations I face. I prayed I’d be more an example, that I’d serve more than lead, be an encourager.

I prayed that my children would have moments in their days that they remembered God and God would catch their attention with something beautifully unexpected, that he would equip them for their days.

Paul was preparing Timothy by reminding him of his unique gifts from God along with the power of the Holy Spirit.

But, Paul did something even more special, maybe he sensed he needed a different approach. I love it when the scriptures are conversational, I’m there with them, and I can see Paul like a coach, a mentor, even like the guy in the Karate Kid, giving ancient wisdom and personal experience to say… “You can do it.”

Maybe, though it wasn’t fear or timidity over the task.  Maybe it was more a question of why me, how will I or there are so many who are better, more ready.

So, Paul says to Timothy. “Listen, young man, I know your mother. I remember your grandmother. I know they had sincere faith and so I know that same faith dwells in you.” (vs.5)

“Yeah, well you have a point. I have some strong and faithful women in my family.” I imagine him lifting his head and with a halfway smile of assurance nodding, maybe his mama and grandma standing in the shadows with sweet smiles.

May my faith be sincere Lord, like the faith of my grandma, the one I remember. May it be steadfast like the one I never got to meet but, only heard stories of her strength.

May my faith be sincere and my perseverance be unwavering like my mama.

May people say to my children, “I know you can do it, you’ve got the faith of your mama in you.”

May my faith be more evident each day to them

and to me.



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3 thoughts on “Memory and Verse

  1. Thank you Lisa. I am sitting in a hotel room in Dublin on a work trip, and before catching up on blogs before checking out. I read 2 Timothy chapters 2-4 this morning. There can be no coincidence that I read your post a few minutes later!

    I think back to my Nan (who died in 1983) and my aunt (now 90 and badly affected by Alzheimers) who guided and prayed for me (I know there were others but my aunt in particular had friends praying faithfully for me all the time I was serving at sea). So important. I am also reminded of the Sara Groves song ‘Generations’ where Sara sings about how we can pass on a curse or a blessing to the next generation.

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