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Epiphany -January 6th

There are a couple of words I love most in my collection of “perfectly pretty words”.

The way they sound when they’re spoken by me, at least from my perspective is just special, significant and kind of sweet.

And the way the letters are so balanced and artful, their dots and intersected cursives making their mark on my pages.

I love them. Two in particular, vignette and epiphany.

I love a pretty place on bedside table, a collection of unevenly numbered things, a clock, a pebble, a book or a candle, framed photo and glass jar filled with pretty pencils.  I step back or sit next to a spot, eyes drifting over to my “vignette” and I smile.

I opened the planner on my desk left clean for my return after Christmas.  Not marked yet,  I turned to January.

Paused when I saw it, “Epiphany” , it’s tomorrow, the 6th.

Epiphany, the day that marks the time the Magi encountered Jesus, the newborn, Son of God.

I use the word when I stop suddenly upon a realization of truth or a long sought understanding.

I use it when the waiting and the hardest parts of my life show me their worth, their lesson, their value.

“Oh, I just had an epiphany.” I’ll say to myself, its validity a personal and precious gift.

Epiphany, an intuitive revelation. Intuition, another especially beautiful word.

Like “vignette” as description makes the ordinary arrangement more special,  “epiphany” makes our realization more heart and soul.

This morning I read a verse from Psalms that made me think of striking out on my own and the paths I’d rushed towards or stumbled through in search of desire and destination. The things I see when I wait to see through God’s eyes are much grander, established, settled, safe and sure.

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭32:8‬ ‭ESV‬‬

This verse makes me smile. I can hear it now….the voice of one or the other of my children. ” I spy…with my little eye.” I’d love that pause between spy and with because I knew their little minds were thinking about what might be hard to find and how much of an adventure it would be for us to either find it or give up!

God never takes his eye off me. I believe there are good things he wants me to seek…to stay right beside him, to depend on his not so little eye.

Or like a lost and disoriented misguided mule without reins, we’re either uncertain or overconfident. Lacking direction and stubbornly impatient.

Because, I spy with my little eye only a tiny bit of the light of what’s to come, like a skinny strip under a midnight door,  I can see just enough to get by.

Then, I stop looking for it or remember to see it

little vignettes and silently sought epiphanies

revelations of God.


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