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Acknowledge what I’ve been given instead of longing for what I lost, felt I lost out on.



  1. firm determination to do something:
    “she received information that strengthened her resolve”

Pray more.

Trust more.

Love more.

Learn more about God and me.

Keep them all.

“Keep the faith, finish the course. ”  2 Timothy  4:7

Thank you, Paul, for your part in the story.

Sometimes I think I’m either the most simple minded of people on earth or the most complicated of minds incapable of rest.

I’m a contrast of contentment in the gift of lamplight on morning devotion; I yearn for solitude, rarely am I lonely.

Yet, the thoughts I conjure up, I’m unable to contain. Been called “deep”, been thanked for my deep thoughts.

On this day, the last of 2016, there’s a loud huffy sigh, bemoaning the disdain of its days. I don’t think I’ve ever lived a year that many feel as if we’ve all walked around either on eggshells or avoiding land mines. Negativity, pessimism and a tendency to grieve people we’ve never known, to align ourselves with the distress that we’ve never experienced and probably never will.

Tomorrow, not an unveiling of newness, other than number, a new set of hours making a day. But, there is a trend towards thinking it might be good, might be better.

My only aspiration is to step towards the things I’ve let fade, linger too long.

The treasure, closer and closer to the place of boxing up and storing on the top shelf of my closet, nothing more than idea and season.

This morning I read of Paul and his encounter with a rich man, a man whose possessions meant more than his days.

Measured his wealth, decided it was too risky to trade in for his soul.

I  have never known wealth, have lived an unexpectant life.  I’ve coveted the lives of others, longed for their pretty things.

Wasteful times and thoughts those have been.

Finally, I’m beginning to cherish the beautiful enough.

I’m thrilled by the smallest of unvalued and the immeasurably valuable things.


Lessons, memories, stories, connections.

Seeing, feeling, knowing Gods hand on the course my life.

Dogs, I learned to love them in 2016.

Life, I learned to accept it, daily.

My people, I learned to love them with open hands, not tightly clutched grasp of apprehension.

Thank you, God.

Crazy chances taken, wasted saving graces and Lord knows I’m beginning to see why I made it through.

I’m finally finishing a book I should’ve never set aside. I’m rereading it now, underlining bedside.

Paul and Jesus, themes of wealth, struggle, integrity, times living “on fire”, times of dull flame, finally, more times of staying the mental course that brings good to days. The little book ends with “Ten Vows of Success”

“He who suffers, remembers.”   Og Mandino

 “I will bathe my days in the golden glow of enthusiasm. In that bright glow will I be able to see, for the first time, all the good things in life that were concealed from me during those years of futility.

Just as a young lover has a finer sense and more acute vision and sees, in the object of his affection, a hundred virtues and charms invisible to all other eyes, so will I, imbued with enthusiasm, have my power of perception heightened and my vision magnified until I can see the beauty and charm others cannot discern which can compensate for large loads of drudgery, deprivation, hardship, and even persecution.

With enthusiasm I can make the best of any situation and should I stumble now and then, as even the most talented will do on occasions, I will pick myself up and go on with my life.  

Always will I bathe my days in the golden glow of enthusiasm.” Part II The End of the Story, The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino

This little book, a recommended read from my son and a very wise friend, Ray Visotski.

Happy New Day tomorrow…that just happens to be the first of a New Year!

Acknowledge what you’ve been given instead of what you’ve lost or lack, Lisa.


Bathe your days in enthusiasm, sunsets, dogs,

God, faith and hope

and love.




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