Blank Page Prayer

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Eleven or so lines, gray soft graphite point from crystal colored pink pencil, that was all today.

I woke and scribbled self-talk truer than most days, a carry over from evening thoughts quiet in theme.

Evening walk ending with letting Colt walk towards sunset unleashed. I waited, prolonging our walk as he meandered in high grass turning brown against brilliant edged sky.


Pencil to page:


I thank you Lord, for things you remind me to pursue and for those you help me let go and let be.

For, it is then that that the sweetest answers come.

In reply, a surprising confirmation and unexpected love words.

Remind me Lord, to acknowledge my imperfections in a way quite okay and then accept my vulnerable as well as fallible me.

It is then I let go of the swiftly flooding rapids of doubt.

Head up in confidence, facing warm sun and one hand open in trust, my heart more aligned with God, I move with rhythm of life’s stream.


Seeing clearly and seen clearly.

Shine lightly and softly, girl, shine.

Let it shine, shine, shine.

Your heart.

….with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit

I Peter 3:4

Linking up with Jennifer Dukes Lee as she shares the beauty of brokenness.







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