Faithful Tomorrow

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I came home, frustrated over work and people and bad choices.

Falling back into patterns damaging, yet familiar to them.

Kept thinking,  I just feel blah, got the blues.

I thought about saying so, telling my husband.

He’s heard it before, no need to share again.

The thing about being in charge is being in the know and knowing way more than you’d like to know.

People can get themselves in big messes and then make bigger messes than you’d ever expect.

And it’s your job to turn it around and to do so with compassion.

But, compassion takes energy and frustration makes you tired.

Sometimes they’re way too far down the same bad path they came from and you can’t bring them back.

So, you’re worried, disappointed, frustrated and tired.

With yourself, not them.

Done all you could.

Yet again the sky tonight sent a word from the heavens, too grand not to accept as truth…

“New things will come; tomorrow will be new.

See, I’m preparing it now.”







So, I’ll rest and I’ll help again tomorrow.

It’s “what I do”.

It will matter because I do and they do.

We matter, the heavens declare, they’ve  shown me again.

Thy mercy, O Lord, is in the heavens; and thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds.

Psalm 36:5



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