Santa Shirts and Jesus

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imageAt Christmas, we have a big party. It’s a tradition. There are about 200 people we invite  or are referred and then we make sure Santa comes by. We sing. We eat. We laugh. Some of us find our eyes moist with emotion.

Letters to Santa (our agency) filled in wish lists by grown-ups who believe in us, in Santa, despite all else. And, we and the community of sponsors grant their wishes and we all have Christmas together.

So, the phone rang this morning. I answered and he said, “This is…. did you get my letter yet for the party?”

I answered, “Not sure, I’ll check, can I call you right back?”

He hesitated a minute or two, I waited, then he said “Okay” and gave me his number twice.

I repeated it, scribbled on paper,then went and found his letter asking for a



a sweatshirt.

Found the little sticky with his number and called…several rings and then his ringtone message kicked in…

“Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose…”

Followed by, ” this is….sorry I can’t get the phone… I’ll call you back soon as I can.. and remember Jesus loves you!”

Sure enough, he did call back and I told him I’d see him at the party.

“Okay. Jesus loves you…bye!” he said.

He made the front page of the paper last year, he and I. He wore a bright green shirt with a Santa in the middle and me, a dressy blouse with big red flowers.

He liked my shirt and I, his.

He said, “Let’s trade!” I laughed and he threw his head back with a jubilant cackle.

Work, life, laughter, little things that remind me of big, big grace when I forget.

Rudolph, Christmas, Santa shirts and Jesus.

What a wonderful life!

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