Looking Loved

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smiles on faces

smiles on faces

The smallest of things, a tone in voice or an overheard conversation, an unnecessary thank you with or without words, maybe just an emotion so big it fills the room.

The things that matter are not accomplishment, acclaim or banners hung wide and high to say “See what I did.”

No, what matters is to know they are sure of your love.

The knowing smile on the face of a child, really what more could compare?

To see it, know it, almost touch it as they pass by or happen to be for just a little while under the same roof.

What matters is their confidence of your love, grace, your mercy and their peace in your presence.

No need to strive; it is understood, this acceptance and love.

I’ve been thinking of how I’d like to be “found” by God.

Decided just now that maybe, just maybe the same things that bring a smile to a mother’s face are pleasing to Him.

The little things that are felt not seen.

To be seen faithful not in things, activities or undertakings…

to be found with a sweet countenance of joy on my face

Sure of His love and at peace.

Confident of His grace and mercy.

Living a life that reflects the three.

And God will smile, I am sure because this will make all the difference for me, the look of love He sees.

For I have heard and hear Him still

Go in peace, Daughter. You are well. Mark 5:34




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