Believe it So

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This beautiful creature sashay’d up just steps behind me.  I’m not sure if sashay is a word; but, I love it and that’s what this spectacularly smooth bird did.

Just softly lingered close behind and cared not one tiny bit that I stopped, thinking hurry up, be quick before it lifts widening wing and takes to the pearly blue sky.

I shuffled my feet, thinking I’d startle, then walked a little more. I stopped, he stopped, his stick-like black bent legs, a rhythm we fell into, this beautiful creature and I.

I thought, there is meaning in this.IMG_0422

I know that there is.

I thought of heaven, thought of them. It seemed it was meant for me to…seemed it was him, my daddy.

And then, today beginning with prayer, I record an honest offering of miserable need…Lord, why do I find it so hard to be optimistic?  Why this quickness to take offense, feel attacked, belittled?

Left it there, better already for the honesty at least. I go on with my morning.

More silent songs streaming, more writing stories from thoughts and more chance to allow day to open on its own, in its own time.

So hot here, the sweet potato vine, a vibrant lime now droopy, I decide to walk towards pretty pot and grab water jug my husband has set aside.

I water the green, the violet and the yellow, small act that matters…flowers that greet me and that see me go.

Little things like purple heather and vine matter when all else feels awry.

Walking back towards garage and car ready for work, I glance towards the drive, look towards my feet and see it there.

A gift, a tiny, tiny gift. We called them “baby pine cones”…my Heather and me. She’d find them and bring them to me.

Her sweet hand to mine. “Look, mama,  I found this for you.”

I held it in my palm, gave it a place on my desk.



Made and makes me so, so happy still.

God reminding me that He knows so very well my need for little and for beautiful.

So, I bent to touch it, to keep it and I felt my prayers heard and this little pine cone came in reply,

“I have heard. I see…here, remember this and things like this…

Believe in birds and baby pine cones and in me.

My eye is on you.

You matter to me..believe it is so.

Believe it is so when all other feels like not so.”

The Lord your God is in your midst,
    a mighty one who will save;
he will rejoice over you with gladness;
    he will quiet you by his love;
he will exult over you with loud singing.

Zephaniah 3:17

I’m linking up to Tell God’s story with Jennifer Dukes Lee

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