Deciding Quietly

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The sun made the narrow spaces between the blinds a warm golden hue this morning.

Allowing time for an easy morning, I looked towards the window and considered  getting up, raising the blinds and taking a picture.

Decided against it because I knew it wasn’t the sunlight in its beginning of day that my mind embraced.

It was the light edged in shadow that kept me there under cool sheets and swift, swirl of fan, for moments longer than usual.

Looking towards the day in a way that spoke softly for my submission, as if knowing I’d grown weary of demands.

Barely lit bedroom,  a haven and my morning less  of dread…the light beginning to filter through, quietly without forcing response from me.

Slowly and with calm intention, I move on  towards the morning.

I begin with note to self, calling it a commitment.

Certain of its timing, I write clearly, my penmanship better than it’s been, under today’s date and encircle it in a bold bracket.

Stop looking at what others are doing. Do what your heart tells you is right, is true, is good.

Then, moved to study God’s word, today’s passages in read through my Bible plan.

And because God is God, a few words were planted there to be discovered,  to be certain of the quiet wisdom of today.

Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness.

 I Timothy  2:11

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3 thoughts on “Deciding Quietly

  1. You have written a beautiful word picture of the quiet haven that is your bedroom and of the wonderful words God whispers when we listen. ♥


  2. Beautiful, encouraging words Lisanne. We serve such a gentle and kind Heavenly Father who knows what we need even before we ask. Loved how He roused you gently and lovingly this morning and fed you with exactly what your heart needed to be anchored today.

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