love this so much




I read this morning, these few sentences about life and time. It was beautiful, called me to rest.

Far from the metallic fever of clocks

I rested my eyes on the image of birds above ripples of water wide.

The words were so beautiful, I commented

“I love this so much.”

On Sunday, I flipped to Ecclesiastes on my way to the Psalms.

I read the lamenting truth of useless searching, striving for life apart from heaven, yet under heaven.  

Read of filling our times and our minds with this, that,  and the other in a competition of enough hopefully, finally.

I have seen everything that has been done under the sun, and behold all is vanity and chasing after the wind.

Ecclesiastes 1:14

On Saturday, I woke up too early to be with my daughter. She greeted me on the  yellow farmhouse porch, not quite ready, damp hair and happy blue eyes.

Told me she’d hurry.

“Okay.”  I  said, noticing the little pieces of her new life then opened the back door to look towards the sky.

Cloudy still, a cool wind blowing in, soft, easy and clean.

I noticed the blackberries, the sunflowers,the bluejays and the wide, wide sky above the narrow dirt paths through peach orchards.


But, mostly the sky, I kept looking towards heaven from my daughter’s front yard in the wide open space of country, thinking…

I love this so much.IMG_2320_kindlephoto-97862944

” What you doing?” she asked.

“Just waiting,  I’m fine.”  I answered.


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