Some things mean something

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When something means something to you

You long to share, but keep it close for the sake of its significance.

A bird lifted its wings quickly and flew in a straight path as I opened the door to leave.  Frustrated, deciding to take a break, hear a song, circle a block…just let it be for a bit. I head towards my car, having nowhere to go.

Then, it lands, the bird on the fence, sitting pretty. Facing me,  its torso the most vibrant flash of red.  I stopped, hoped to see again, waited as it rustled in the tree.

A red bird, I paused and felt empowered…Keep at it, Lisa.  Continue, you will be okay. “Never settle for less than your worth.” my mama said.

I remembered her strength.IMG_2291_kindlephoto-26066626

And just now, tonight as I decided to wait for God’s plan, things are falling into place.

I hear from two more friends as I’m listening via an email to advice from  “writers of hope”.

I notice the words in the corner of my new book for notes, just above the place I jotted, “God has been in this all along, the people, the places, the tough  and desperate times…the times of believing.”

With God, all things are possible. Matthew 19:26,  it said in the corner of my notebook.

I open the door to the back porch. The dog is barking. I call him, he lingers.  He waits, as if to beckon.  I wait, then ease out into the early darkness of night, look up and see the moon with the fuzzy border.

Again, my mama. Again, God.

Reminding me to be brave.

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